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My new Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx came yesterday, I Don't know anything about it yet but I will learn.
I had to call Garmin already because the sales clerk said it had all the mapping softwares included. "It Doesn't"
It only comes with a lame street map, and when I say Lame, I mean LAME,
It's called "trip and waypoint manager" notice it doesnt even have the word Map in it? LOL
I Mean it looks like a map but after a closer look I found misspelled city names, citys that arent even listed,
just a poor attempt in creating a mapping software.....
It doesn't have a topo map included, So if you buy one expecting a topo map,
Garmin say's, "We're Sorry but the topo map is an additional $ 116.00 Dollars"
Other then the map issue I do believe it is going to be a great tool and if it seems like i'm whining about it,
I'm not really, I'll eventually get the better mapping software, so it's all good.
OK now that I got that all out I feel much better..

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