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You know how we like to talk... I agree that you want to keep out of your area as much as possible, however, for people like my son who are trophy hunters, they want to be able to see what the area has to offer. If it's not your own property and you live 4-5 hrs away, the only way to do that is to run cameras. I do not own a single camera, PA is too far away to check anyways. I would be concerned if I was throwing out feed and didn't have a single buck, even a nocturnal one show up for some goodies. It could be that the deer ratio is so far unbalanced that you need to thin out a lot of does. Again, not trying to stir the pot too much, but in areas where it's legal to run feeders or throw feed or plant plots, I don't see a big reason not to run cameras and check your cards at least monthly. Knowing you have a 150+ class buck just might make things more interesting. If that were the case I'd go after him prior to the rut. I would not be going out twice a week checking my sd cards. I would run a 500 lb feeder and throw just enough corn or protein pellets to last 3-4 weeks, then check my cards. Just my thoughts.
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