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Originally Posted by 12point_hunter View Post
I have been having an issue with shooting deer, I have got one doe in my life now. But every time I see a doe or spike horn I don't shoot because I want to wait for the big time buck.
Does anybody have some tips for finding the Big guy?

Thanks in advance.
I hate to tell ya, But I and a lot of others have been hunting for many years and have yet to even see much less harvest a 12pt. Id have to say your in for a long and boring hunting life if that what your waiting on. Im 47 y/o and have been hunting from about the age of 15 and the biggest rack I have harvested is a 65" 6pt. I have seen bigger while hunting, But did not have a clean shot so had the watch them walk. One day Im sure Ill get a 8pt or bigger if GOD choices so for me,but if that's all I waited for Id be in for a long wait. So basicly is what Im trying to say is you may wanna re-think your plans
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