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One thing, you have to have big bucks in your area to start with. Second thing with big bucks they didn't get that way being stupid. Scent control is giant. I do prefer to hunt the rut as the big guys are out looking for the ladies and can be seen in daylight hours. In pre-rut find the buck travel routes by locating rub lines. The rub side of the tree will show you the actual travel pattern he is using, that's how I buck hunt. In rut, I look for the rub lines and scrape lines and then look for natural land funnels that push the bucks into your trap naturally. Late season I'm looking for sunny bedding areas and food sources and snow traveled routes. Simple? sometimes, sometimes not. Looking for a giant buck could prove to be a major downfall to your success. Shooting a mature buck for your area is and should be your first concern. Once you have a couple of decent bucks then your woods wisdom will increase and then you start the chess game. After 41 seasons I still have not shot a giant buck, in fact my son has already harvested two real nice bucks by hunting in an area that can grow the big guys. There's nothing wrong with being content with a mature buck, in fact 90% of all hunters would be very happy to achieve that.
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