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To answer your three questions:
1. yes
2. yes
3. Maybe

Since you are a new hunter, I would recommend going to an area that has lots of deer. You can get on these forums, read all the articles in the world, and seek advice from all the experts, but the best place to learn about deer is in the woods from the deer, themselves! They will teach you more than anyone else. Be patient, be focused, be observant. I'm not saying you shouldn't do the other things as well, but if you want to learn anything, just immerse yourself in it.
As for getting shot - it's not likely, as statistically, hunting is one of the safest sports with the fewest accidents - even though the ones that occur always seem to make the front pages. Try to get yourself in a position where you can see the other guys before they see you. Wear your hunter orange. Don't do anything that might make someone mistake you for a deer. Stay out of heavily hunted places if you can. Most of all, enjoy yourself and good luck!
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