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Bruce I do not know what your finances are but up in your area look at it as important to the hunt as your choice of weapon. What you are looking for is something that will interface with online mapping (so you can make your own maps) and have everything else there when you need it such as weather, baro pressure (sudden weather changes), forcast warnings. The Garmin 530HCx or the 60CSx will do it all. Pricey but it is like computers changing everyday. This is the latest and greatest. It is up to you what is absolutly nessesary. I would stay as close to these units as you can. I use these units mapping buck trails and travel corridors for downloading onto my map features. It with trail cams helps me predict where a buck is going, why, and how and where I can intercept him. I know this sounds crazy but yes I can figure these things out but now I can put them on paper to remember them. I am getting older you know.
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