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Originally Posted by daddus1 View Post
Now that you"re an "employee" does that mean you are going to turn your pee back in?
Really congrats, you have a tough job!
Daddus LOL well you know HM Bruce TG & I all went to the private moderators club last night & had some adult beverages so we filled a ton of bottles so the contest could go for a while

Originally Posted by tator View Post
Congrats GFD, I always knew you would grow into a moderator someday. I'm so, *sniff sniff* proud of *sniff* you. :)

Tator thanks buddy you don't know how that makes me feel actually I dont know how that makes me feel

Originally Posted by timberghost View Post
Welcome to the mod squad Dep....DHC Deputy is on the watch now.
Thanks TG never even thought of that it does have a nice ring to it
I thought someone was going to call me your mini me

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