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I wouldn't hunt the rut without a quality doe in heat scent. I think the trails end and doe products would be ok as they might work as a calming/ curiosity mix. The fewer deer you have the better chance you could pull in a buck to a false scrape using a doe in heat product. When you have a large doe population bucks do not have check scrapes as they will be running does all day/night. I'm not convinced a buck urine will draw a local buck to a scrape, I understand the concept but I haven't had any results in PA with buck urine products. Doe in heat scents do work in many instances in PA for me to know I never hunt the rut without a couple of scent wicks out. Place your scent wicks at the distance you want to shoot, ie bow shot and you have built in range markers. I like to place my wicks in a Y formation from my stand location in buck travel routes.
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