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yeah heres a little something we do to our hunting buddies from the citys when they come to camp here in maine.we stop for our grub at the store before we go in the woods its a long ways in.anyway i get a big bag of raisenets.we was driving and looking for tracks in the snow,saw somw stop got out and i said to my hunting buddy who was in on it hay thats a nice track lets get on it and try to jump shoot it.our city boy was right on our heels.i took some raisenets out tossed them in the snow,my good friend said hay dan stop look here,bends over picks the raisenets up smells it and says smells like a big buck,ate them and said it is so i ate some and said yup he went through about an hour ago,our city boy was like oh my god you guys are sick thats nasty i aint eating any deer poop i dont care what you it was so dang funny we was rolling on the ground for an hour we still laugh about it at camp.try it to someone sometime you wont beleave the laughs youll get

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