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Originally Posted by gfdeputy2 View Post
I will agree that there is a better chance of failure with a mechanical that goes with anything that has moving parts.
I think they have come a very long way in quality & engineering.
You just put all mechanicals as Failing way to often & that is purely not true
your comment, which I underlined, is exactly what we must emphasize when someone wants advice on which Broadheads we would recommend,
It doesn't do the hunter any good if we don't explain their options then let them decicde which Broadhead they would prefer to use.
Now I Agree, technology has come a long way and some folks are having good luck with mechanicals,
but here's another example from a 2012 mechanical broadhead failure Video which shows even with the best technology and highest quality control standards, "mechanical faIlures" still occur.
I'm not bashing mechanicals, I'm really not, some folks are head over heels in love with them, I just happen to be a Pessimistic on mechanical broadheads...
(Pessimistic, Adj. pessimistic - expecting the worst possible outcome) lol
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