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I understand what you are saying, and I do agree that there is no need in arguing about this sort of thing or any topic for that matter, but I do also believe that "Believers" should always be ready to stand for what they know is truth.

It would be quite different if this was an Atheistic, God hating part of the forum but this is "Christian Corner" and it would seem that even unbelievers could understand that just as Almighty God in His Word abhors and speaks against such gross and terrible sin, so do His children.

As for as hating anyone, I do not. In fact, I love my fellow man enough that I am willing to tell them the truth, regardless of how much this sinful world might hate me for doing so. In some cases, Believers have such a nicety-nice christianity, not willing to offend anyone whatsoever, that they have become useless servants for Jesus Christ. Just think folks, there were Sodomy laws in this Nation not too many years ago. Think back a little and ask yourself what your Grandpa would think of all of this debauchery that we are now seeing in this Country and across the World at large. No, I won't bicker back and forth with anybody, especially an Atheistic unbeliever, but I will agree with a fellow Believer that two men getting married to one another is a very sickening thing to me and a terrible down-fall for this Nation.
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