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You have your opinion and you are certainly entitled to it. Thank you for your service to the United States and defending the constitution. I am a veteran also but I only put in 4 years.
I didn't see hate mentioned until I hit your post. I personally don't hate anyone let alone someone who chooses a lifestyle that I do not choose or embrace.
I have many clients who have different lifestyles than I do and to tell you the truth as long as they pay their bill, I don't care.
Do I approve of "alternate lifestyles", no but I choose my battles with a little more discernment than arging with someone I don't really know on DHC.
My son, who unfortunately is not a believer, has a really good saying, " you don't have to attend every argument you are invited to".
Each party has the need to be "right" but when it comes down to it, there is one truth that will prevail, "we will all at some time stand before GOD and explain our lives. At that time All this crazyness here on earth won't matter whatsoever.
I guess my point is as hunters don't we need to be united in times like this than to let something like the above divide us.
God will sort it out IMHO.
GOD loves us all and is calling your name.
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