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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
Because we are free we have the right to express our personal opinions, period! Freedom of speech is where the rubber meets the road with me. I do not like gay marriage, I believe it is a genetic defect. I do not however, parade against it, I just believe it's wrong. When my right to express my opinion is being taken away, the fight begins! I have felt this way my whole life and see no reason to change it now. I might be old fashion but I like who and what I am. For those who believe in gay marriage say so just don't bash me for being against it.
Very well said, Hunting Man! This expresses my thoughts exactly. Except for one thing, that being that my personal belief that God has turned them over to having a reprobate mind for not wanting to acknowledge Him. I would agree with you though, that in some cases, some may act in this unnatural way due to mental disorders caused by a defect.

Anyway, as you say, men should have the right to think for themselves and express their opinion. I, like you, am old fashioned to the core and see no reason why I should change my views in order to fit in with the popular opinion of this post-modern world.
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