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Originally Posted by Hellbilly View Post
been about 2 months since we been to church. tried a few other just not the same without family and friends. Just havnt been digging the preacher. he has no pep. and just keeps saying the same thing over and over. his sermons or so short sometimes were out by 11:45. I have heard he is wanting to go someplace else. wish him luck,but please hurry. We really miss going,but would rather watch a good sermon on tv than be droned to sleep
I don't know the exact problems you are experiencing, but thought I would throw my two-cents in!

First of all, I agree with some of the others here that christian fellowship is very important. I, personally, was raised attending services and until recently have always been faithful in gathering with others at the place called "church". Now, I no longer have what some would call a church home. After several years of trying to stay faithful and make things work I have decided, at least in my case, that being faithful to what is being called "church" in my area would actually be leading me to be unfaithful to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

What most are calling "church" these days rarely resembles anything of what the Scriptures speak of, or what "church" used to be. I am not a young man anymore, and I have witnessed such great changes within Christianity, most especially in the last ten years or so, that it is staggering. What amazes me though, is that most do not see that anything has changed, whatsoever! (Though I have talked with quite a few older Believers who are fully aware, some who have left the "church" as I, and some who stay in it, though it has only become a ritual to them and they no longer enjoy it).

So called "Christian" thought and terminology has taken on new psychological meaning that is very foreign to Scripture and has affected the minds of this new age we are now living. Turn on "christian" radio and listen to their talk shows, there will be nothing but christian psychiatrist talking about marriage, leadership qualities, the starting of new "church" programs, etc... They may give a Scripture verse or two but when they do it is usually taken out of context in order to fit with their program. We do not need more Dr. Doolittles, we need a return to sound, Biblical teaching. There have been may Bible teachers who have warned of such in the past, but I am afraid that most who call themselves christians have not heeded their warnings.

There is so much more I could say, but I am sure most are not interested in this type of discussion and will only see this as a crazy rant. What I would like to say though, is that if you are attending fellowship where the Word of God is truly upheld and has the Lord's blessing then you are truly blessed indeed. I would also add that there may be many who do not even know the difference, I would exhort you to speak to the Lord concerning this matter, asking His guidance, and praying that if anything is amiss in what you are calling your christian worship that He would show you the truth.

For those of you who are true, born-again Believers in Jesus Christ but no longer have a place of formal worship with others, I would encourage you to continue in your studies of the Holy Scriptures, gather with your immediate family for prayer and study, and pray earnestly for a true revival of the church that the Lord would open eyes and touch hearts and true Christ-honoring gatherings would be restored throughout our Nation. Continue being faithful, for our redemption draweth nigh!

Well, I guess this is something for a first-post, maybe I haven't made too many enemies right off the bat! God bless you all.
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