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Originally Posted by onehorse View Post
Bruce, a big THANKS from a former Vermonter. I met Larry once quite a few years ago. He really knew how to hunt whitetails!

OneHorse, I was able to talk with Larry for a total of about 35 seconds because he was so overwhelmed with people greeting him and his sons...

Larry spoke with us Friday night at his seminar at the Yankee Sportsman Classic and let me tell you that man at 82 years old is still able to outhunt the best of us, still hunting, and still bagging the 200+ pound trophy's,,, On one video "Tracking Big Bucks with the Benoits" at 76 years old Larry not only shoots another trophy whitetail but dresses and drags it himself.. "God Bless Him"...

Throughout the years the Benoits have consistantly gone into remote wilderness areas of Vermont, Maine and NH and because of their tracking skills they were able to pull out some of the largest whitetail deer those areas had to offer, these are public land fair chase hunters and every year they do it again and again and again.
I've read their books, I've seen their Video's I've met the Benoits personally and I can say without hesitation anyone wanting to improve their hunting skills or develop the skills to track and be able to harvest trophy Whitetails should read their books and watch their Videos.

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