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Things move quick up there. I'm a chess game hunter myself. I enjoy the hunt way more than the kill anymore. I like to disect the buck's travel pattern then set up for him. I have to do this with no pre-scouting, no trail cams, not hunting over bait, not hunting over food plots, and getting them into bow range. I do have an advantage of hunting the same area for a long time so that off sets some of the necessary pre-scouting needs. Rub lines and scrape lines are vital in the pre-rut/rut time period. Knowing those few four-way travel intersections in your area, will usually give you a good chance at a mature buck. Year after year we have one intersection that yields a buck or two. These areas are few and are best keep close to the vest to insure future success. I think a lot of mid-west hunting has these intersections but it takes a lot of time in the woods to find them. Anyway I did buy three luminocks to try. I didn't realize how bright they are even in broad daylight. Will be interesting to see them in action on a deer late evening or overcast morning! Rambling on so.....
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