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I agree with daddus. This sounds like the perfect time to turn to God. Remember He does all things for a reason even though we may not know why. Sometimes God will test us in our lives to see if we really do trust in Him. Pray pray pray. But most importantly pray that He will give you the understanding you need. Sometimes its hard to understand Him but He does all things for a purpose. One thing.I learned a long time ago is that sometimes He puts us through tough times so that someday in the future we can help someone else out. Even if the worst happens in everything you listed I guarantee you, you will use your experience to help others someday.

Case and point my church as a celebrate that meets weekly and the main group leaders are ex addicts. Why? Because they have been through what the people needing help are going through.

I will pray for you buddy.

James 1:2-8
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