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The 4th picture (second rifle) is a Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I*. This was a Savage made rifle built for the British during WWII. It has been sporterized for hunting and is chambered in .303 British. The Savage built rifles are stamped PROPERTY OF US and are sought after more so than non-Savage. These were built under the Lend-Lease provisions of WWII and were technically property of the US, but were meant to bolster the production of this British rifle without the US officially becoming involved. We all know how that ended up...From a collectors standpoint, the fact that it has been set up for hunting ruins the value for most people.

However, I have a similar one (non-Savage) and while the monetary value isn't that much (I paid $100 for mine), it is a fine hunting rifle and ammo is still easily available. I also used one that my father owned years ago when I started hunting. Stay clear of the POF Pakistani crap as it is highly corrosive. PPU, Rem and Fed are all available, with most that have these preferring PPU. Sportsman's Guide has it for about $15 for a box of 20.

The Lee-Enfield has arguably one of the smoothest action ever built, and a unique cock on close mechanism. Search the web for the "mad minute" and watch how fast this rifle can be shot.

Take a look here for additional information:

Hope this helps!


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