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Originally Posted by tator View Post
Thanks scorpion for your help. I greatly appreciate it. I did some research last night on the hand gun. I think it was a law enforcement series.??? Some were also saying the ivory handle made it less valuable?? Thanks again for the help
ivory grips will never make a gun less valueable, but more so the grips could be worth much more than the gun its self. By the looks of the grips I really don't think there ivory or stag don't even think there bone. looks more like bakealite. There is very little info on older S&W guns. You can call S&W they will give you some info but not much unless you pay for it. Also if the S&W don't say 38spl on it don't shoot 38spl ammo in it,its not the same and please no +P ammo. all totaled up you probably have $500-$800 worth of guns. the 22 and the single shot 20g or great squirrel getters. Id like a bit more info on the Remington shotgun. does it have a model # on it or a name?

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