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I think it's great that you see heavenly things everyday here on earth. I'm like you in that regard, I try not to take anything for granted- even though it's easy to do. Especially time with my wife and kids. Sometimes I get wrapped up in what I want to do and forget that my family is more important. I would, however, have to disagree that this earth is not actually heaven. In heaven there is no wrong doing, no sin, no death, no murder or rape or illness. Obviously, we'd have to agree that all those things happen here on earth. So there is a difference.

The verses I quoted are ones that I hope would help you understand my point of view- that's all. I do trust in this book and I do live by it. I find it extremely interesting that our world puts so much faith and trust in so many other things, but believing in a book that is all about God's love, compassion and most importantly His Son's sacrifice for us is not even considered. It's not like the Bible requires you to bend over backwards or something to become a Christian.?? All you have to do is believe. I just find it interesting that in our world today, so many people are searching for the next "big thing" to believe in, but when Christianity is brought up it's like "nahh".

Sadly, I would have to agree with you about "a whole lot of people in the world think that their book trumps your book". The only problem is, I don't ever hear any truth coming from "their" book OR all I'm read or shown is basically someone's interpretation of the Bible- which I often find disturbing because the Bible wasn't mean to be a fill in the blank type book. I witness the people who tell me about "their" book and I look at their lives and I don't see much happiness. I see them trying to be happy, I see them struggling constantly, but not ever experiencing the joy they could have by having Christ as their Savior. Sure you still struggle even as a Christian, but when you have God on your side, your battles and troubles become easier.

When it comes to believing in Jesus as God's Son ... I would change my beliefs in a heart beat if someone could actually prove to me that their god actually is the real way to heaven. But, that also has never happened. I talk to people who believe that objects are gods or money is god or even people in their life are a god. To me, as a Christian, this is silly. I have a book that can back up any and all arguments made towards my God. Those other books, nahh. My book was written by people who were spoken to by God and who witnessed Jesus' teaching. Yes, my book is old, very, very old, but I guess with the other god's books being newer that makes it easier to believe in or more credible or more relevant to our lifestyles "now-a-days" ? Interesting.

One of my main questions to non-believers is what do you want out of your "god". Every time it's "love, patience, understanding, forgiveness, mercy, glory, etc..." Well guess what, my God has all that and more.

Being a Christian requires me to take the Bible literally and to not change it. Sadly, many people in our world today change the Bible around so that it fits their life. They make it say something that it was NEVER intended to say- basically taking it out of context. The Bible can be a very confusing book to follow. It can be a scary thing to tackle. But with God's help, He will make it make sense and He'll make it fit your life. I can't tell you how many times I have been struggling with something in my life and I'll turn to the Bible and find a verse within minutes that lifts me up. I challenge you and any other people to try this the next time you encounter a problem in your life that you need help with from a "higher being". First, get your book out and spend 5 minutes to truly find a passage that fits and see if it truly gives you peace and then pray to your god and ask for help. Then spend 5 minutes in the Bible and pray to my God that He will show Himself. If you do this honestly, God will show Himself to you.

The Bible was never intended to just be some "good" reading material. It's life's textbook. It covers everything from the beginning of time until the end. It's a history book as well as one that offers information on the future- all while helping you deal with trouble and problems of today.

So to wrap up, I would have to say the same to you about your "book". It can only be validated if it is right. I hopefully have shared some instances in my life where my book has been proven right to me... I would like to hear some instances when yours has been right to you? Once again, my goal is to get to heaven and there is only one way to get there and that is through Jesus Christ. NO one gets to God without going through Jesus first. If you don't acknowledge Jesus as God's Son, why would God acknowledge you in heaven? So, if there's another way to get to heaven, I'm all ears at this point. And honestly, if it's valid and true, I'll join. But understand this... my God has acted on my life, He as done things in my life that are not easily explained. I have proof of my God's power- just look at my life. That's all the validation I need. You see there is no talking me out of my salvation... unless you have proof.

BTW simple Q for ya - just curious, do you believe in Jesus Christ? Not to follow Him or anything, but do you believe He is God's Son?

James 1:2-8

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