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I am a sinner because my name is not Jesus Christ. He is the only person to ever live on this earth that did not sin. He was perfect. Are there days where I sin very little? Yes, but the very thought of myself not being a sinner puts me on the same plane as Jesus- which I am not. I am in no way saying I am a bad person, but a sinner? Yes. Sinning doesn't condemn you to hell- if you are saved. In order to get to heaven you have to believe in one God, the only God (this is where I think we fork off in the road) and that God sent His Son to die on the cross for all man-kind's sin (since Jesus was without sin) and then He rose from the dead and ascended back into heaven.

Preforming good deeds does not "cover up" sin. Sinning can take place in actions, thoughts, words, etc... I can't tell you if and when you have sinned, but do I believe every human sins? Yes. I'm not condoning sin, but the idea of a human being without sin would suggest that you believe there are others on this planet that are Christ's equal? (this is the other place where we majorly fork in the road)

Jesus was not just some 'wise man'- He is my Savior.

You are correct on the parks and rec and deer thing... but then again, I guess those trails wouldn't be possible if God never made those people and animals huh?

It's obvious you are set in your beliefs and it's obvious I am set in my beliefs. The reason I pray for you is not because I feel bad for you or anything like that. I believe you do believe there is a God and I believe you are a good person. I never doubted that. I believe God loves you just the same as me. I believe I am no better than you are. Are our beliefs similar, in a way yes, but in a big way, no. I pray for many things in my life, including the people on the deerhuntersclub website. I pray for HM, BB, GFD and all the other guys and gals on here. Believe me, praying for you does not "take away" from any other topic I pray about- I don't mind it at all.

James 1:2-8

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