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Sorry, I know you said you were done, but ...

Originally Posted by tator View Post
The 'thing' that makes my cup run dry is that I'm a sinner and ...
Why are you a sinner? Why am I a sinner? Did I forget to put that on my schedule for the day, because I sure don't recall waking up and sinning. Haven't sinned since I got to work, and don't intend to sin later on because my calendar is pretty full already. Actually did a few good deeds today, so where I'm classified as a sinner for the day just isn't working for me.

Originally Posted by tator View Post
He created those trails that you walk in nature.
Actually Parks & Rec did, and the deer and bears made some of the others.

Originally Posted by tator View Post
1 Timothy 2:5
Bayern-Munich 3, Arsenal 1.

A wise man once said "God is in the details". What he meant, after much introspection, was that finding solace and peace in the little things was enough to fill his cup. The resolve of a rock that has resisted glacial erosion for thousands of years. The subtle perfection of an eagle in the sky. The peace that overcomes you when you watch hundreds of thousands of salmon swim up river to spawn and die, knowning that this is the natural order of things and the way it was meant to be for them. They need no god, they create no sin. In the absence of sin (and the key is who gets to define that you have sinned) then why is a god needed to absolve you? Especially if you just wake up again tomorrow as a sinner (by somebody's definition).

A grand discussion!

Yea, neither of us will convince the other of right-wrong, or which book to read. (Aw come on, I found that Chilton's remark to be killer-funny!) You read the bible, and if it makes you a better person then I cannot be happier for you. Pray for me? Thanks, perhaps a wiser use of time would be to pray for common-sense in politics to return in this country.

I once stood at a fence in my yard, listening to a neighbor on one side and another local neighbor arguing that they each knew, knew, knew, knew to the core of their being that the other one was going to hell. One was Mormon, one was Methodist.

I almost did handstands and cartwheels listening.

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