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another camping story

I think it was a family reunion camping trip, but we were all sitin around the camp fire and most were drunk and my uncle ray fell asleep. Well as he was siting there asleep in the chair he started shivering, so hed reach down around his feet and feel for his blankets (and i guese he found some invisable ones or something cus he didnt have any) but hed grab em and pull em up around his neck and curl up with this blanket. well there really wasnt a blanket so in about five minutes he would get cold again so he would look for his blankets, pull em up around his neck and get all comfy again. This whole time hes asleep and were all laghing at him. So after he did that three or four times a couple of guys gently picked him up chair and all and walked him out into the lake and set him down where the water was just touchin the seat of the chair. Sure enough he got cold and reached for his blankets but he woke up when he stuck his hands in the water. He jumped out of his chair cusin and holerin at all of us. And all of us are just about to die laghin.
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