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The 'thing' that makes my cup run dry is that I'm a sinner and I'm human. When I go too long without worshiping with my church family, my 'cup' (or my life) runs dry. What I'm meaning is not that I stop becoming a Christian or that I stop loving God, it's that I sort of lose touch with other believers and that makes my life run dry. Going back to what I said, church is not only for me, I like to think I uplift others in my church family too.

Sadly, I have to disagree with you on the gods thing. There is only one God in my life. No tree, rock, animal or object is a "god" to me- although, God did make those things and I do appreciate that and acknowledge that. God is the beginning of everything. He was "around" before the beginning of time- He created those trails that you walk in nature. God is also the One who sent His only Son to earth to die on the cross for my sins and your sins. His death was a gift to us. He paid the price for our sins. My trust, hope and faith is in ONE God. That is where I believe we'll have to stop the discussion. I am not "open" to accept any other views on this- I can respect your stance (and I do) but I do not feel as though God wants me to treat the things of this world as a god - and I lower case god here because there is only one God.

I agree with you on the 50% of the world-view on God. Does that change my mind? No. Are we living in a "lost" world? Yes.

The Bible is God's word. I live my life through it and by it (at least I try to!). Yes, Godly men wrote the passages, but God gave them the words and wisdom to write with. There are no other books that I will live my life by. The Bible is a tool for life. You can literally find an answer to every problem that has ever happened- IN THE BIBLE.

Thank you for the discussion, I am going to continue to pray for you. I am done here. Tator OUT! :)

James 1:2-8
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