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Camp story

Here is a bit of camp humor: a few years back one of our hunting buddies brought a brand new pair of Browning insulated boots to camp, I think his wife paid $150.00 for them. Well he had got them pretty wet on the outside and set them by the fireplace to dry. Yep, soon the air was thick with burning leather. He had burned the toes right out of them. He went to town and bought a cheap pair to finish the week out. As soon as I got home I bought a pair of boots in his size carefully cut the toe areas out and installed hinges on the cutouts so they would flap up and down. I sealed the box up and we gave them to him in front of the whole camp. We all laughed so hard most of us we're on the floor. We have them mounted on the mantel. Now that's funny! How about you guys any good stories?
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