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Originally Posted by tator View Post
My cup is constantly running out and if I don't attend it runs dry.
Actually, you just nailed your "need". In essence, you need to find out what in your life is making your cup run dry. If going to church fills it back up, then more power to you. If a walk in the woods is what is needed, then that's awesome too. It works for me.

Originally Posted by tator View Post
I have enjoyed talking with you about this- and again, I hope I have not offended you or upset you. From hearing you talk, I feel as though you have a strong relationship with God and His Son and I hope your relationship continues to grow and strengthen.
I enjoy the discussion, but I won't mislead you. Haven't been in a church since I was raised Roman Catholic at age 16, and I don't subscribe to the "only 1" god anymore. I find that my gods, be they nature, my emotional link to my family, my hobbies and activities that refill my cup .... they don't subscribe to a single deity. And when I say "the gods" in plural, I mean that. There is goodness or godness to be found in many things and places. If you want to believe that a single god created all of this, then enjoy that and we'll continue to have a good discussion. The aliens when we meet them, may have a different take on things. And the other half of the world that comprises the non-Christian religions such as Islam (approximately 50% of the world population) all think you're wrong too.

Come judgement day, somebody is going to be very wrong, and very very surprised. Me? I'll just be happy and a good person until then anyway.

You know, I knew the basic 10 Commandments before I went to Sunday Catchecism. An interesting fact that those exact "commandments" predate Judaism or Christianity and can be found in all of the pre-Christian religions, be they Summerian, Hitiite, Egyptian, or whatnot. They are just basic good rules. I don't need a religion to tell me that.

What I find in my gods (plural) is a basic tenant to be a good person, do no wrong, be a family man, be loving and caring and treat others the way I want them to treat me. I can do that without anybody's book be it the Bible, the Quoran, or Chiltons.

It is a good discussion!

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