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With all due respect scorpion, i understand and respect your stance and your point of view. I have a Sunday School teacher whom has been my teacher for the past 20+ years (I'm blessed to have such a Godly husband and wife teach my class) and he said something that has stuck with me for many, many years. "if you think you can be a Christian without attending some sort of worship with other believers, you're kidding yourself". I agree mostly with this statement, however, I do believe you can be a Christian and not go to church and still go to heaven (i.e. scorpion). That is my belief. Now, do I believe that's what God wants? No. I sincerely believe God wants you to be plugged in. You are correct when you say you can get your "fill" out in nature, I do the same because God's creation is awesome! But being plugged in a worship group helps you grow as a Christian. When you started kindergarten you went to school and you learned from your teachers because they knew everything you needed to know and they knew how to relay it to you so you could understand. Even up into high school, your teachers were there to teach you because they were professionals on the material they taught. Eventually you master the skills and tasks you learned in school and you use them in your life every day. Well the same goes for church. I rely on the people in my church who can teach me. I am hungry and I want more and more. To stop going to church, for me, would be like saying "ok I have mastered everything I need to know". God's word (BIBLE) is complex and somewhat hard to follow and understand. There are so many things I have missed in my almost 33 years in scripture that absolutely shocks me that I missed it when I read it. I would have never found that unless someone showed me.. this is where church comes into play. My pastor, my teachers and my peers.
Please understand that church is NOT something I attend just because I should. Or just because I always have. I attend because I WANT TO. My cup is constantly running out and if I don't attend it runs dry. I need to be filled up or else I run out and my life becomes all about me. I slowly start the transition to worshiping other things, other gods like time, money, possessions, and less and less time worshiping the one TRUE God. My church is my family. The people there lift me up, they fill my cup and most importantly they hold me accountable- this is something I WANT them to do.

I hope I have not upset you in any way. These are my feelings, these are my beliefs and I'll never change from them. I hope I can encourage you to find a church family and get plugged in. If not every week, maybe every other week. If not every other week, maybe once a month? I think you will find a true blessing in being plugged into a community like a true God-loving church.

God's creations are awesome, I see that everyday I wake when I see my wife and my kids. He gave them to me. I am blessed that way. I also go to church to give thanks to Him for choosing to love me. He didn't have to die on the cross for my sins, but he did. So giving him two hours a week for church worship is absolutely fine with me.

I have enjoyed talking with you about this- and again, I hope I have not offended you or upset you. From hearing you talk, I feel as though you have a strong relationship with God and His Son and I hope your relationship continues to grow and strengthen.

God bless

James 1:2-8
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