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Originally Posted by tator View Post
... I don't go to church to satisfy myself, but to worship God. I do agree that worship can take place anywhere and at anytime. But when I don't go to church for any period of time I personally feel empty. The church is God's house. ...
A well written reply, and one I can appreciate. But I agree with HM more. The whole world is God's house, as he created (if you believe) the heavens and the earth, the skies above, the ground below. God should be everywhere, which is why I don't confine myself to four walls. I can find my religion in the breeze off the glacier, the eagles soaring in the sky, the pounding of the surf on the rocks, the ripple of the wind thru the spruces.

I can understand your need to "get back on the wagon", but don't feel that if you don't walk inside those four walls that you're any less in touch with your religion. Take the family out on Sunday to a nice grassy knoll in a sunny, flowering meadow and hold your own services by talking together about your beliefs. I think you'll find yourself just as a part of the spirituality as sitting in a pew.

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