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Originally Posted by Hellbilly View Post
NOT GUILTY on all charges now we just have to watch our backs for awhile. a lot of threats were made if he was found not guilty. also the NAACP decided to have there national confrance this weekend in Orlando,wonder how that's going for them. The black panthers have put a money reward on Z-mans head,wounder how they can get away with that. If something does happen to him couldn't they be charged?
The new black panthers can only be charged if there's evidence against them, making threats against Zimmerman is one thing but carrying out an act of murder is another.
I Thank GOD Almighty for watching over Zimmerman during the trial and I thank God the jury managed to get it right in the end. I totally agree with the verdict.
I have personally had lifelong friends unfriend me on facebook because I supported Zimmerman from day one.
My common sense approach and ability to look at the whole picture with a neutral point of view, along with the photo's of a Battered Zimmerman were pretty convincing to me that George Zimmerman took a serious beating and after finding out Trayvon Martin didn't even have a scratch on him, at some point my common sense told me Zimmerman was attacked by trayvon and the result was an act of self defense, nothing racial, nothing planned, no other motives came into play against Trayvon Martin, only Zimmerman having to defend himself.
It's a sad and tragic ending for Trayvon Martin, may his soul rest in peace....

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