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Ya'll Northerners will laugh

ok I was heading to work tonight while we had just a little snow falling. There may have been a quarter inch sticking to the grass, roads were very clear. Well all these folks around here that have never seen snow were tripping out. They were driving around 20 miles an hour in a 55 zone, hitting their brakes every 2 secs, and just driving plain ol scared. I leave in plenty of time for work but am starting to worry since these people are slow movin it. Then I come upon a wreck and the cops have all the traffic stopped. I dont know how these people ended up in the ditch. I figure they were acting crazy or just trying to slide or something. I dont know but after those other drivers saw that they slowed down to about 10 mph. I bet every gallon of milk in this whole area was sold out!!

Oh yeah I got on a back road and was trying to slide and couldn't even do it.
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