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It was a rare event when Jesus chose to teach inside, but instead formed impromtude (spell?) outdoor gatherings for his teachings. I believe he chose where he was most comfortable in God' arena of the great outdoors, where Mother Nature was his greatest achievement. The very best part of all of this is we get to decide what works best for us and our creator to form a working relationship based on truth, faith, love and admiration for his creation accomplishments and the admission of our sins for forgiveness.

Here is a bedtime prayer that I say every night, I find great comfort in it as it smoothes the mind and soul before sleep.

Dear heavenly father, I ask for your forgiveness for the sins that I have have committed against you this past day. I am truly sorry for all my sins and I ask for your forgiveness through my lord and savior Jesus Christ. Thank you God for hearing my prayer, amend.
For over 12 years this is how I finish my day! This might not be in church but I know he hears it anyway an it works well for me.
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