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Building a new recipe section

Yo fellows and ladies we are starting to build a new wildlife recipe section. We will use recipes out of our recipe forums as well as any more that are added to those forums. As long as ya'll are cool with that. Under each recipe it will tell the members name that contributed it. It will be split up into 4 sections.

Vension Recipes
General deer recipes

Turkey and Wild Birds
General game bird recipes

Fish Recipes
Cooking with Fish! Striper, Salmon etc.

Deer Jerky
Make the best jerky in the club!

Small Game
Everything from squirrels to snakes.

An example of one we have already done for the Fish section is located at this link. It is still in the building section of our site so you will not be able to find it from just looking on the site. We have about 20 recipes to start this section up but would greatly appreciate it if ya'll wanted to share some more. The ones we already have I will probably cook myself and try to take some pics of the process. Its a fun thing for me to get my wife to do because it means I am always eating good. Last night we had Salmon Fillet, Shrimp Scampi, Broc, Salad, Cheese Rice and Bread. A darn good meal and far better than fast food.

Give me some thoughts on this too if you want. You think its a good idea, dumb as a rock or whatever you think!

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