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I've been watching the trial live online, and I don't see anyway possible that the jury will have any sort of reasonable doubt to rule against Zimmerman.
As far as I can tell thus far Zimmerman did what he had to do (without question).
BUT, I have no doubt there's going to be Riots, looting, fires, innocent whites will be attacked, shot, stabbed, beaten, maimed, possibly killed
and I don't blame the idiots that act out from this, I Blame people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson even Obama himself and the other so called "black leaders",
EVERY DAMN one of them jumped to conclusions initially and claimed Trayvon Martin was purposely attacked and killed just because he was Black and as civilized human beings
we all know that isn't even close to being true but the media (Except Fox news) ran with that racial crap and now innocent people will pay for the stupidity of the so called "Black Leaders"
it's just sickening and I hope the Blacks have a change of heart after seeing the trial or at the very least I wish the President would make an announcement to the "Blacks" that,
Tryvon got his day in court but a jury found by evidence that he died by his own actions and George Zimmerman acted only in self defense.

If anyone is interested in watching the trial live, here's the link, Zimmerman Trial | Live Coverage

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