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do yall remember the deer silhouette we had when the site was black and green? it was a silver silhouette deer head. I think that would look good on the front of a black hat with the deerhuntersclub address across the "ponytail hole" (for all yall longed haired hippy hunters)

They have a chrome lookin thread that would make the silhouette look different everytime the light moved on it different. Or we could do the silver look on black.

From the responses so far it seems yall would rather have regular looking options over the camo clothes. I kinda like that idea better. Sweatshirts and long sleeve t-shirts would probably be better than a simple t-shirt.

Do ya'll have any special sayings that you would like to put on the backs of the shirts? For example the front would be a logo and then across the shoulders it could say like a 3 word line about something hunting related.
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