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Well there are mixed views on this subject. It has more to do with the cam design and brace height, distance from the string to the riser, I believe than anything else. The more the cam is elongated away from a circle/round wheel design the more aggressive the draw cycle will be. It is also true that single cam bows draw easier than two cam bows. With all that said i believe that a lot of new bows are so improved that a short bow with a mild cam that shoots relatively quick can be found for you. Many years ago there was support that longer bows were more forgiving for shooters that didn't have the most perfect form. I shot a 38" bow at that time. Improvements come every year that help shooters like yourself to find bows that can be shot well. Another item to check out is, if legal for you, and with shoulder problems like me, I have switched to a crossbow with very good results. It keeps me in the woods for archery season. Hope this helps some.
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