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Here is an event that makes it clear to me that we do not end with our human/earthly death. In May of 2009 my dad passed away. He and I were very close. Several years earlier my kids bought me one of those sleep noise making machines, rain storms, waves splashing, birds chirping, well you know. After about two nights that was it, disabled the noise and used it as a clock. In August of 2009, at 3:04am, the darn thing started the thunderstorm stuff, waking me up and saying a few choise words about the stupid noise maker. At 3:10am, my mom calls and said she had fallen, was on the floor, and needed a rescue squad, which I called in and she was ok. My mom took care of my dad for many many years so, I BELIEVE, my dad knew mom was in trouble and called me. I cannot think of any other reason the darn thing would suddenly, after several years, just start sounding off a few minutes before mom calls. I've had a few other events in PA with my brother that have me 100% convinced our loved ones simply migrate to a close by spiritual existence, waiting for the final judgement time. What do you think?
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