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Default BuckShot Mfg / Equalizer Leveling Climber Treestand

BuckShot Mfg. is back in business,and their taking orders! Here is what so special about BuckShot stands. Built with American smelted aluminum, not made in China aluminum. Second, they are heat treated. No other stands heat treats their products. What does this mean? Super hardened aluminum, no weak spots including the welds all uniform welds and no cracking or fatiguing of the welds. Third, a patented SwiftLOc System allowing a quick and quiet system locking the cable to the stand. It's easy and everything is on the top of the rail in full view to assure your locked in. No cables running down a tube. Fourth, the Positive locking Straps, they lock the upper platform to the lower just by sinching them down and locking to the tree, safe and secure! Now, the main feature what the name means the Equalizer. A handle leveling system. As you climb the tree just turn the handle in or out leveling the stand while climbing. Both upper and lower platforms has this feature. No other stand has it, easy and safe. Visit the Web Page I love mine I purchased in 2006, still rock solid. Now re-engineered called the New Generation Equalizer. Watch the video!
The Equalizer Leveling Treestand - YouTube

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