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I would begin by using a range finder or measure 20 yds from your stand and put a ribbon or a false scrape to know your max distance, do not shoot beyond that range. Wounding deer happens to the very best of us and it is the worst thing to have happen to a hunter so discipline is the #1 lesson to learn. #2 patience, allow the deer to move into a position that you can make a clear shot on. You need to visualize the arrow's path through the deer making sure the shot goes through the lungs. Start with a good standing deer broadside to you, shoot for 3-4" behind the shoulder and near centered. This will give you a double lung high/low quick kill shot with a great blood trail to follow. Draw your bow when the deer's head is either down or looking away from you, center your pin on a single small spot and use a release aid for a perfect shot release. Practice with your bow concentrating on form until it becomes a natural event then start concentrating on shooting smaller groups each and every time you shoot. Don't shoot a bow that you cannot draw easy from a sitting chair position.
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