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I agree with all above
Bow hunting take a LOT of practice, patience & getting in the woods scouting. You will most likely make mistakes I am no pro by any means & still get busted or don't get a shot way more then I do getting one
You will need to stay calm & if there is any doubt on making your shot. Don't take it. I will say stay in your comfort range. When I started bow hunting I would not take a shot over 30 Yards I practice shots everyday out to 70 yards As I would never take that long of a shot in the field I know I can make it count out to 50 Yards
I see so many people pick up their bow a week or two before hunting season blow the dust off it take a couple shots & go "hunting" miss or wound deer. This is so wrong. Take Bowhunting very serious so many factors can wreck your shot it isn't funny then add the excitement "Buck Fever" on top of it
We have all missed or made a bad shot heck I still do once in a while
but with practice you will minimize it Did I mention practice
Oh & don't forget your Release right Tator

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