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Thanks for the comments. If there is one thing I've learned, only has taken 59 years, is that time is what you make it or with it. I'm mostly a homebody and find contentment working in the garage for a few hours or for that matter in the kitchen on the counter top dying leather Someday it would be nice to make a few dollars just to recoup materials. Right now, son, and hunting buddies are getting gifts. I do need the etching machine though to make my mark. Haven't decided what to put on the blades. Something like HM, Hunting Man knives or my initials??? I think it would really cool to design the blades and grind them also, takes more machine investments. Right now the blades I like are D-2 steel and are about 38.00. So a high grade handle material, 30-50.00, and the blade, pins, tubes ect and you are aproaching 100.00 in materials. Guys are selling knives at 150-200 for nice stuff and I'm not in their ball league. Not a lot of profit so you had better enjoy it. We'll see how far this goes???
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