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I am an insurance adjuster here in Michigan and I can tell you first hand that in the last 5 years car/deer collisions has increased steadily each year. The average car/deer collison claim is $2700 dollars, that's alot. I've had to deal with some very disturbing wrecks and a few fatalities, it's amazing the damage they can do. I've never related car/deer collisons and hunting till I went deer hunting for the first time this year and really stopped to think about the more deer we have the more acidents there will be. Unfortunatley the area I live in is very poplulated and we have alot of deer but no hunting. My wife now gets mad at me since I won't let her drive at night on certain roads that I know have high deer population, she just doesn't know the danger that is lurking in the woods on the side of the road.
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