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I must be getting pretty popular these days, even the president sent me an e-mail today! Yes the very one that I most often disagree with. Seems like he still wants to get rid of what he terms assult rifles and impose a 10rd mag limit on all guns. While it was a form mail it's still nice to know I'm on the mailing list, phone list, and any other list they seem to want! I probably will send a reply and state that he should direct his efforts to enforcement of current laws and prosecute to the maximum those who commit unlawful acts. Maybe it's time to run for office! Hunting Man for president 2016.
Platform: 1st, get rid of the IRS, impose a 15% flat tax.
2nd, term limits for all government offices, eliminate insider
If on welfare, you must pass drug tests and we'll find you a job
If on welfare, we won't keep paying for more fatherless children.
improve our ballistic systems, deterrent purposes only.
Do not go to war where you can't or limit our ability to win.
Drill baby drill.

That should get things rolling to a more prosperous country and a safe one to boot and one that most of us remember.
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