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As most of you know ticks are one of my biggest fears in hunting. I called my buddy in PA yesterday to check in. He had just got over another outbreak of Lyme disease. Once you get it it stays in your system and can come out anytime your immune system is weak. His doctor told him to use a dry wash towel and rub his skin to remove the larva every time he goes outdoors. These pepper sized little monsters can transmit Lyme disease just like their adult ticks. PA has become so overrun with ticks I'm scared to go there anymore. It's hard to describe how the area has changed over the 40 years that I've been hunting there but I never thought a tiny little bug would become a major problem. We run into pretty heavy concentrations in October archery season, I can't imagine what the summer time is like. I use to cut firewood in the summer but I don't know if it's worth the chance of getting the Lyme disease. I have all the clothing sprays and maybe will take antibiotics prior to heading there, sound advice from my vet.....
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