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I absolutely agree with you HM, 100%. BUT- the reason I'm aggravated is because Lebron is by far the most popular player in the league- by a HUGE majority. He has the ability and opportunity to set a great example for kids and even adults and he acts like he does. Even more importantly, he has the opportunity to be a very good example for other thugs, I mean players in the league. He is by far the best player to ever play the game.... hands down, anyone who doesn't believe this doesn't know basketball- sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. The problem is, he'll never have the success Jordan, magic, Bird, Dr. J, Russell or anyone else has had because it's all about him. He gets upset with the media for calling him out, but what he's not understanding is that he needs to STOP with the media and think about/care about his teammates. Until he puts others before himself, he'll never mature and he'll never get any better. In my eyes, he's been the exact same since day 1 in the NBA. He's still an 18 year old punk at heart. Maybe his tenure in the league will change that,,, but I find it hard to believe that. I hope he does get his stuff together and I hope he does become more of a positive role model to EVERYONE in our country. Stop the stare-downs after dunks (wow, you are 6'9" and you dunked,,, big deal) stop the trash talk (it doesn't even make sense when it comes out of his mouth) and stop focusing on yourself to do EVERYTHING. In his eyes, he's got to be the best at everything on the team,,, but you can't do that and be on a team. You have to rely on others to come through- and yes, sometimes you will be better at a particular job, but you have to trust them and help them get better.

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