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i like to look for TURKEYSseriously look for the birds.this time of year they will be in huge flocks for safety.When they feed they scratch the ground so it will be all tore up you'll know it when you see it they make a big mess.the droppings are in a j and the tip will be white like a cigg butt.they eat acorns this time of year .they like bugs worms and nuts.they like to roost in tall trees at night at the base of these trees you will find feathers and droppings.if you find roost trees you hit the jackpot and dont spook em out of there.they will fly down from the roost as soon as they can see predators walking around..the spring woods is an awesome time to be a turkey hunter as you will hear the males gobbling like crazy trying to locate hens.I love turkey hunting almost as much as deer hunting sometimes more.It aint so darn cold most of the time

Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison.
Genesis 27:3 "The thinking deer hunter should mature through three phases during his hunting life. First phase, "I need to kill a deer." Second phase, I want to harvest a nice deer. And last phase, we must manage this resource so our children and their children can experience the grand tradition of good deer hunting." - Jim Slinsky
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