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Anyone else hoping the Pacers make the finals? I'm sick of watching the cocky Heat play. I'm NOT a big fan of LeBron James. I think he's a bad influence on our youth today- and he knows that and doesn't care. He's a rich punk with a cocky attitude. Do I think he's good? VERY! I honestly think he could be the best NBA player to ever play the game of basketball. I think he's got potential to blow MJ, Bird, Russell, Magic, Dr. J and others out of the water. But will he ever? NO. He's the ultimate basketball player. Tall, strong, fast, great vertical. I mean comon',, 6'9", probably 250 lbs and able to play guard, forward, center all with dominating skills. Great shooter, great defender, great passer, great rebounder, etc. etc. etc. The problem? He doesn't put all that together EVERY game like MJ did. Now, I realize MJ has his flaws, but he never acted like LeBron does. I personally think this is why our youth act the way they do. They look at professional athletes and how they act and they mimic it.
An alternative in today's NBA? Tim Duncan. Great post player. Great teammate. Great rebounder. Great defensive player. KEEPS HIS MOUTH SHUT and doesnt' trash talk non-stop every game. When's the last time you saw a kid with a Duncan jersey on? Probably 10+ years ago.

How about them cards????? :)

James 1:2-8
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