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This is an action/reaction question of physics. If two projectiles (bullets) of the same weight are moving forward or shot at the same velocity, they produce the same amount of energy. The bullet moves forward (action), the rifle moves backward (reaction). If the two rifles are identical, weigh the same, have the same recoil pad, etc., then the physical recoil (reaction) would be the same. BUT recoil also has a mental component which is very personal from shooter to shooter. This is why we see so many conflicting answers to a question like this. Regardless of the physics, we all feel the recoil differently. We have different tolerances when it comes to recoil. I once read that some large shooters have less tolerance then smaller shooters. Since they don't get pushed back as much as smaller folks, they absorb more recoil. Don't know if this is true, but it is clear that this is not as simple of a question as it might seem.

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