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I bought a D55IR from a buddy of mine. He told me it wasn't working right and I asked him what was wrong with it? He said he went from taking 1,000's of pics a week to only taking like 300. I tried telling him that there was probably a reason why and that it probably wasn't the cam doing the wrong thing. Could be the weather. Could be the deer herd moved to another area. Could be they got flooded out of the area. Could mean they found a SWEET food source a ways away from that area. Anyways, he was serious about wanting to get rid of it. I bought it on a hunch for $40. WORKS FINE. LOL. and YES I tell him this all the time. They are good, reliable cams. I have NEVER had to take one back or even call the manufacturer. They just keep doing their job.
My M80 has been out for about 2 months. I'm anxious to check it maybe this weekend. Here's something funny.... when the M80 came out, I bought mine for $100. Now you can't buy one for that price and it's the SAME CAM! Moultrie knows they got a truely great cam and that word of mouth would get out,,,, and it did. Now I'm not happy they raised the price,,, but that's business. Demand goes up, price goes up. Heck, look at gas.
As far as the WGI, I still have one of these. It's an IR4. Dinosaur! haha Still works, trigger speed isn't great (probably around 2 seconds) so when I put this cam out, I put it in a place where the deer have cover and a good food source where they will be stopping for a bit.
The backyard deck is done- not quite 4,000 sq ft.... but it's up there! haha

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