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Rifle Recoil

Question about recoil in hunting rifles. Will a .270 and a 30-06 of the same rifle make/model have the same recoil if they shoot a similar round, such as the .270 shooting a 130gr 3060fps and the 30-06 shooting a 125gr 3140fps? I guess what I'm asking is that if all things are equal, would two different caliber guns produce identical recoil if shooting bullets of same grain and fps? I noticed from this website that this doesn't appear to be the case based on the energy's listed. Rifle Recoil Table

I actually notice from that table that there are some "optimum" impact relative to recoil rounds, such as the 308 in 150gr, 2800fps variety. I was just using basic MV^2/recoilenergy calculations, because obviously the optimum round produces high impact with low recoil energy.
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