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Thanks for all of the responses and here's the latest--I contacted the game warden again and told him I felt like I was between a rock and hard place in that to corale his dogs and drive to the pound would probably invite a physical confrontation in that his dogs would be yelling in the back of my truck as I had to drive past the red neck's house and I felt there would be a physical confrontation as this red neck is an idiot..the warden contacted the red neck and told him that if he or his dogs set foot on my property he would issue a 150$ trespassing ticket and that the warden himself would randomly be patroling the land. I had quite hunts last Fr and Sat, but the way this guy acts, I think this is something I'll have to deal with as long as I own the land. I'll go the game warden route as long as it works, and go from there.Thanx for the help and understand I have nothing against red necks--I am one--but there are good'uns and bad'uns
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